What Do You Do, Just For You?

Thursday October 15, 2015

With days getting dark early and daylight savings quickly approaching, I’m at my Autumn crossroad once again.

I can no longer go on my nightly runs.


Every Spring and Summer, I get to dust off my running shoes and take evening jogs in the neighborhood, listening to Teri Gross but really just zonking out and hearing my feet rhythmically hit pavement. For 30 minutes, I’m not a mom, I’m just me. If it’s been a particularly trying day, I spread out my arms and shake out my shoulders with every step. But then Fall and Winter come, and I need to pack it up. I don’t feel safe running at night; I like to be able to see the end of whatever block I’m running on. So, now what?

What do all of you do, that’s just for you?

I know I’m a better mom (more patience, more understanding, less anxiety) during my running months. I don’t know what to replace it with, though, when we get into the cold/dark months.

Hobbies? Knitting? An evening glass of wine? I’m not a bubble bath kind of person, and some days even a cup of tea won’t cut it. Should I start downloading page-turners onto my Kindle app?

Ladies, help a woman out. What is your me-time?



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