The Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Tuesday February 21, 2017

So, talk to me about your weirder pregnancy symptoms. I could use some commiseration today.

Pregnancy is a weird time — 9 months of your body totally flipping out on you. You rack up symptoms daily. There are so many pregnancy symptoms that What to Expect alphabetizes them.

Some of these make sense. The nausea (aka Hollywood’s go-to pregnancy foreshadowing), the backaches and front-aches, the constant need to pee. If you know someone who’s been pregnant before, you know about the swelling and maybe joking references to pregnancy brain. Those are troublesome and annoying and painful to be sure, but at least they make sense.

Some symptoms, though, are completely irrational.

My weirdo pregnancy symptom? Insomnia. Not like, “oh, I’m having trouble falling asleep!” or even “dear lord, my back hurts” insomnia. More like, “well! It’s 3am! Suppose I’ll just lay here and watch the sun come up again!” While my entire being urges my brain to reconsider. Good days are when I wake up at 4:30.

With my first pregnancy, I thought this was my body’s way of preparing for overnight feedings and early rising infants. I’d hop out of bed ready to tackle the day, happy to finally be an early riser.

HOO BOY was I wrong — the insomnia went away the day Bean was born, and no, you can’t actually prepare for 5 total hours of sleep split into hourly chunks.

So, no. This is just my body’s way of ensuring I’m thoroughly bone-tired before the baby even arrives. Nice work there, body.

I’m running on 5 hours of sleep for the past couple weeks and months. I’m tired, people.
Commiserate with me — what were your most annoying and irrational pregnancy symptoms?

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