Moments When You Realize You’re Raising a City Kid

Monday October 31, 2016

This past weekend, the Times ran a sweet story about parents recollecting moments when they realized their kids’ worldview was decidedly urban.

As a dad in the Upper East Side said,“First time camping for Lucas and me, sitting just outside our tent. Lucas puts his hand out, palm up, and states matter-of-factly: ‘That was a drop, and I know it was a raindrop cause there are no air-conditioners above us.’”

I think every city parent must have stories like this, right? When some innocent thing your kid says or does stops you in your tracks and you realize they are a city kid, through and through. Here are some from the Bean archive:

  • Similar to one of the other stories in the article, when visiting my mom, we have to pull Bean off the neighbors’ outdoor slides and tricycles. She thinks all grass areas are public playgrounds, and you will not convince her otherwise.
  • Ask her what sound fire trucks make and she’ll say “ding ding” …. because we usually see firetrucks during off times, when the firefighters are happy to ring their bell for the little kid waving on the sidewalk.
  • She thinks it’s funny and curious that her grandparents own two cars. “Two cars?! Why do they have TWO cars??” Further confusion when we explain Arizona doesn’t have subways.
  • She struts through Muni and BART stations, arms swinging just so, like she owns the place. At 3 years old. People giggle at her.
  • The other day, we passed a cyclist with no shirt on, pink bicycle tricked out with Barbie torsos, blasting Evanescence. Bean didn’t even bat an eye.

Do you have any good ones?

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