Labor & Delivery: What Do You Do With Your First Child?

Tuesday April 18, 2017

As we approach Baby Watch 2017, I’ve started to think more and more how to handle our time in the hospital while Bean stays home. It’s a hard thing to even think about.

What did all of you do with your first born when having your second born?

We have the basic logistics figured out already — Dave’s mother will (extremely) generously be spending a couple weeks in San Francisco around my due date, so that Bean will be able to at least have the comforts of home while we’re away.

Now, though, it’s the rest of it that is giving me pause. Of course, Dave’s mother will give her top notch care and we’re not worried about that…but will our little Bean be worried and scared knowing her parents are at the hospital? Will she feel left out that she’s not with us?

How did you handle this with your kids?


We’ve come up with a few strategies so far:


1. Recruit a local beloved auntie to provide emotional back up if things go south. Let grandma know that this friend is on-call for hugs and kisses whenever she needs it.


2. Get Bean a watch/cellphone that will let her call us whenever she wants with a push of a button.

Bean’s cousin has one and it’s brilliant. Not a full-fledged cell phone, but something that she can keep on her body, with buttons assigned to her parents’ cell phones. I was one of those woman who turned off my cell phone when I was in active labor with Bean, but I realize with a kid at home this time, I can’t really do that. But, if Bean has her own phone, Dave and I can set our phones to allow only her (and grandma’s) calls to come through.


3. Load up her schedule with activities

I’ve been rounding up all the soccer, art, music, and storytime classes in the neighborhood so grandma can easily take Bean out for adventures every day. (We are so very lucky that our neighborhood has so much to offer, all within blocks.) I’m hoping with fun activities, she won’t have time to feel down and out. And this will also give Bean something to do once we’re home and basically sitting around breastfeeding (me) and changing diapers (Dave).


4. Give grandma a list of local treats and let the spoiling take over

My memo to grandma will also include all the nearest bakeries, ice cream places, and toy stores. If there ever was a time to unleash a generous grandma on a kid, this is it!


What else can I do to make this easier on her? Were there any pitfalls that we could avoid? Recommend any and all strategies you used!!



2 Responses to “Labor & Delivery: What Do You Do With Your First Child?”

  1. This reminds me of a piece of family lore: My father went to the hospital to pick up and take home some of my mom’s clothes, and when he put the bag in the car, my four-year-old sister took one look and said “What’d you do with mom?”


    4/18/2017 at 1:26 pm

  2. I really loved seeing my son in the hospital when I had my daughter. It was so sweet seeing him hold her. They are only 18 months apart (oye vey!) but it was only a few days in the hospital and the grands and daddy did the best with him. I really missed him though.


    4/18/2017 at 3:59 pm