Friday Link Roundup: Good MTA/Bad MTA and Mom Jokes

Friday October 21, 2016

How’s everyone’s weekend shaping up? This feels like the last proper fall weekend, so we’re headed down the peninsula to hit up some fall pumpkin patches and festivals. Then, we’re going to skip over to Santa Cruz to go whale watching with friends. (!!!!!) We are all beside ourselves with excitement (when we aren’t compulsively checking the weather.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


From around the web this week:



Good MTA: Muni Metro will be bringing back the Castro shuttle on Nov. 7 to help with all the crowding at Castro Station. This is in addition to the new Cole Valley shuttle to help ease crowding on the N-Judah. Thanks, SFMTA!


Bad MTA: The SFMTA has started removing the bike lane safety posts put up by SF Transformation, ironically citing safety reasons. Hopefully, this is because they’ll be installing real safety posts soon. (Right, SFMTA? Right?)


In more transportation news, this NPR story on how Subaru’s business turned around after launching a covert marketing campaign to appeal to lesbians is amazing. If you also love Subaru’s, you have to hear it. Xena: Warrior Princess is involved.


Atlas Obscura covered an annual tradition in London of paying rent to the Queen, in the form of horsehoes, an axe, a billhook, and 61 nails, for a property leased in 1211 whose location is now a mystery. It’s bizarre but very British. Tradition!


A friend got me hooked on New Mom Comics.


If any of you will buy this for me, I’ll hold weekly dinner parties in your honor. (SO BRILLIANT.)


Three Montessori quotes (I really needed to hear the second one.)


A set of utterly charming interviews with a dozen New York City teens and preteens about their lives.







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