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Thursday February 9, 2017

So! A bit of news to share over here at Chez Far Out City!

Come June, we’ll be welcoming a new little boy to our little San Francisco treehouse in the sky.

We are all various shades of excited, anxious, and then anxious again, which I think is how all expecting families feel, right? (Right?) Bean is thrilled and incredibly curious about this whole pregnancy thing and has already started instructing us on all the things we’ll need to do once the baby is born. Aka: get your act together, parents, do I need to do everything around here?

As for the most frequently asked question: yes, we’ll be staying in San Francisco. Also yes, we’ll be staying in our apartment. I don’t know how we made it this far without convincing all of you that we truly are crazy people who stubbornly insist on living in a small, city apartment with kids.

(If any of you have any questions about how we’re going to manage this, especially if you’re thinking about doing the same in this crazy SF real estate market, ask away!)

Expect a few more pregnancy and newborn posts to start sneaking back into the Far Out City rotation. If you are also currently pregnant or expecting, I’m game to research any and all questions.

Thanks for being such supportive readers, and I can’t wait to go on this new adventure with you all!

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