Friday Link Roundup: Our Mysterious Mothers and It’s Gonna Be a Cold SF Summer (No, Even Colder Than That)

Friday May 12, 2017

People, I am crawling towards the weekend this week. My immune system must be shot, because I picked up another bug just as the last one started to wear off. Every time I try to do things like, I don’t know, pick up my kid from school, my body goes into a full revolt of NOPE. You want to stand for more than two minutes and make a sandwich? Haha, NOPE.

(And this is how Dave came to perform a (surprise!) Ikea hack all by his lonesome last night, cursing those Swedish Ikea gods and attempting to patiently smile at his still-obstinately-nesting-pregnant-wife-who-had-to-take-to-the-sofa-with-the-vapors. He did a top notch job of it, though!)

Which is all to say, I’ve really earned Mother’s Day this year.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful women out there, taking care of children and families and maintaining the slightest bit of fun, wit, and sanity through it all.


(Slightly abbreviated round up this week, see all of the above):


Writers writing about what Anne Shirley meant to them as young women. A topic that never gets old.

I loved this over at the NY Times: Our Mothers as We Never Saw Them. Who hasn’t stared at old photos of their mothers, wondering who that mysterious woman was before we came along.

This treatise on the Millenial Pink trend is DEAD ON. Slow claps. (No, it’s not about the color.)

In SF news, you might want to start pulling the fleeces and sweaters for this upcoming summer. It’s supposed to be an abnormally cold one thanks to freezing ocean temps.

And finally, RIP to Elly the Black Rhinoceros at the San Francisco Zoo. She passed away last week at 46, making her the oldest Black Rhino in the US.

Motherhood, You

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