A Roundup of Chic Nursing Scarves

Thursday May 18, 2017

God bless the nursing scarf. Especially in a city where we already wear scarves 365 days out of the year, a nursing scarf is almost a must-have necessity for breastfeeding moms. It’s just so functional — providing warmth one second, and then SURPRISE PRESTO CHANGO providing cover for breastfeeding the next, leaving your diaper bag free of one less thing.

The issue I have, though, is that most nursing scarves look like nursing scarves. That…is not the point. If I’m wearing it with every outfit for the next year, I want it to look like any other scarf I’d pick up at Nordstrom or Madewell.

So, I’ve looked far and wide, and I’ve rounded up my favorites.


First, obviously, my Pashmama nursing scarf, which I already own and which I’ve worn nearly daily since weaning Bean 3 years ago. Now, that is the sign of a well-styled nursing scarf. I especially like the tassles, which really sells it as just a normal scarf (that just happens to have a whole cut into it.)



I love a plaid flannel scarf, and now there’s a nursing scarf option? Sold. These look so cozy for next winter.


Smart Bottoms Plaid Flannel Nursing Scarf

These look perfect for wearing in warmer weather, with whit tanks, crisp linen dresses and shorts.

Honest Company Organic Nursing Scarf

Etsy sellers have gotten in on the mix, and some of the best designs are coming out of their shops. Check out seller Nursing Time’s options, they are GORGEOUS:

These nursing scarves from NyUrbanNecessities are beautiful as well, and a nice option for a more formal look. I’d wear them long long after I stopped nursing.

Last time I was pregnant, the nursing scarf was an oddity. I’m so glad to see they’ve taken off, and gotten a super chic upgrade as well!


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