How Would You Spend Your Last Childless Weekend?

Monday March 13, 2017

A good friend of mine is due this week, and she’s been pretty antsy for baby to finally get here already. In an attempt to keep her spirits up, Dave and I brainstormed how we would have spent our last childless weekend, knowing what we know now.

(Our own last childless weekend ended up being a surprise. The 49ers were in the Super Bowl, the entire city was in red and gold. We laughed at our OB appointment that we were in NO RUSH. It’d be nice to have a day of feasting and Super Bowl parties before baby arrived. So, obviously, Bean decided to come the Friday before. Obviously, we were in a state of new parent euphoria when the Super Bowl did roll around, but sitting here, I have no idea what actually happened in that game.)

The thing with kids is that, yes, you can still go out to brunch, but it’s just not as easy anymore, because you have this little person sitting next to you with their own wants and desires. And, yes, you can still go to the movies or dates, obviously, but a corner of your mind always stays with your kid. Being childless, though, is an entirely different state. Where your mind and attention and priorities are entirely your own.

So, with that in mind, here’s what we came up with:


Go into the kitchen and have a snack and don’t sneak it or share it with anyone

Spend a Saturday on the sofa watching movies or sports (and mindlessly snacking)

Bonus points if the movie has lots of explosions and/or cursing in it

Go out shopping. For the entire day. Leisurely trying on clothes. And maybe throw in a long lunch with friends.

Midnight ice cream sundae run.

Shoe shopping. That’s it. Just shoe shopping. And try on all the shoes you want.

Take a long, quiet bath or shower.

Make last minute evening plans.

Sleep in until 10am.

Even if you wake up early, laze in bed for an extra hour just because you can.

Stumble out for an inappropriately late brunch

Watch a double header movie showing.

Or find a weird arthouse movie to watch.

Spend a day curled up reading a book. And not one about parenting.

Head to the MOMA and slowly stroll your way through the entire museum. Spend as much time as you want perusing the gift shop, especially the glassware section.

Go to a comedy club.

Read the entire Sunday New York Times

I’m sure I could come up with things all day long. What would you add to the list?

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