Never Wonder What to Wear Again: Donning ‘The Kate Middleton’

Tuesday July 21, 2015

Figuring out what to wear to an event can be as mind-numbing as choosing just the right white paint. Thankfully, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has figured it out for us. No, thank you, Duchess Kate.

I’ve recently started touring preschools, and it’s been oddly stressful. Last night, Dave likened it to having your first baby — you don’t really know what to expect of the process until you’re in the middle of it. When I’m feeling stressed, I don’t want to think about clothes; I need to concentrate on the task at hand.

BUT, that being said, I do want to look…appropriate? Is that the word? I don’t want to roll up to some preschool open house in my usual faded, ripped jeans, T-shirt, and converse (the SAHM uniform). I want to look like a responsible, friendly grown up who has raised a nice, smart child,  and who will pay tuition on time.

Times like these, I just wear The Kate Middleton.

If you aren’t a daily reader of Go Fug Yourself, then you may not have realized that Duchess Kate has outlined the perfect outfit for every occasion, which she proceeds to actually wear on every occasion to the exasperation of fashionistas the world over. The beauty of the outfit is that, with a few tweaks, you can wear it practically anywhere. To semi-casual professional luncheons. To a weekend brunch. To a kid’s birthday party. To soccer practice. On a hike. And it is extremely mom-friendly.

Here are the basic elements:


(BodenUSA Striped Breton Long Sleeve Shirt in Ivory/Navy, JBrand Navy Twill 811 Skinny Jeans)

It’s not rocket surgery. But, it’s a great base for what’s to come next.

For when you have some “semi-casual” event to go to, that you’ve never been to before, have no idea what other people will be wearing but it’s SF so Chanel might be on the table, and don’t want to stick out.


(Zara Structured Blazer in Navy Blue, Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon Pump in Blue Suede)

Because of the Breton stripes, this outfit can pass at a luncheon or brunch or preschool open house. A plain t-shirt would look too casual, a blouse would look really nice but wouldn’t be as easy as a Breton t-shirt. The Breton shirt is the key to making it kind of casual but still dressy. You’re walking the line. You won’t be the dressiest, you won’t be the most casual, you’ll look appropriate. That’s what we’re going for here. No fireworks.

(Duchess Kate does wear those wedges, and even played volleyball in them once. I prefer to wear my d’orsay loafers.)


We can step down to merely casual, but not yet sporty.


(Sebago Bala Slip On Loafers in Taupe Suede)

I don’t really do boat shoes (I’m not entirely preppy), so feel free to add in your own substitute here. Loafers, ballet flats, etc.

Then, if you’re going to something kinda sporty, but you’re not actually playing a sport, just watching, but you want to look kinda nice.



(John Lewis Viyella Quilted Gilet in Navy, Vans Scotchgard Shoe in Grey)

Here, the Breton top elevates an otherwise casual outfit.

And finally, you’re going to something outdoorsy/sporty and you might actually participate.


(Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket in Navy, Adidas Running Liquid Ride in Vivid Berry,

SF Giants Women’s Miata Cap)

Oh, hey sporty lady.

The point here isn’t to go run out and buy all of these pieces. I’m guessing most of you already own most of these pieces — blue blazers and jackets, sporty and street sneakers, a pair of heels, skinny jeans, a striped top.

But, putting them together in these combinations assures you that you will always look perfectly fine, and possibly even really nice. And sometimes, that’s all you really want.


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