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Friday Link Roundup: SF Politics Blows Up and Searching For Gold in the Rockies

Friday March 3, 2017

How was everyone’s week? With the rain finally letting up a little bit, I suddenly feel like we’re hurtling towards summer. Which I’m not ready for. Because summer is when we’re supposed to have another baby. And OH MY GOD ANOTHER ONE.

Our family is heading into the city this weekend for a fun day trip. It is always so much fun making Bean’s cousins’ eyes bug out at A City Adventure, where musicians and balloon artists stand by to make children totally flip out. Hopefully, make your own sundaes will be involved in this trip too (hold up, sunny skies!)

Have a great weekend everyone!


From around the web this week:

This run-down of Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s drama at a recent Democratic Club meeting is very succinct and also basically San Francisco politics in a nutshell (and worth a read if you’ve ever wondered how SF internally debates and functions.) Can’t we all get along, folks? Don’t we all really want the same thing?

Also in San Francisco news, SFMTA just installed the first raised bike lanes (on Valencia south of Cesar Chavez) and it looks like it’s quite the success! Even pedestrians are excited about them.

Also, if you’ve been wondering why the J and N were screwed up this week, another car drove into the Church & Duboce tunnel entrance, breaking the switching gear. (How is this even possible? And yet also somehow surprisingly common? There are so many signs!)

And lastly in transit news, this is a really mesmerizing graphic of BART rider flow during the course of the day.

Have you noticed that all the huge investigative stories break after dinner (or, if you’re on the east coast, in the middle of the night?) The Atlantic explains why it keeps happening.

This was really funny. Nice work, Denny’s.

You know I love nothing more than the classic western stories of pots of gold and a treasure map. Well, Vox reporters set out to actually find one in the Rockies.

Lastly, this week’s Modern Love column will break you apart but also amaze you with her grace and strength.


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