Thursday Link Roundup: 101 Reasons to Love SF and a New Baby at the SF Zoo

Thursday February 16, 2017

I’m cutting this week a day short for family fun times over the long weekend. Dave’s family is in town and we’ve already compiled competing lists of things to do in rain or shine. (I really want to check out this new exhibit at the Legion of Honor.) Fingers crossed it isn’t another deluge of a weekend!

Have a great long weekend everyone, and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday!


From around the web this week:

So, the SF Zoo has a new baby Francois’ langur, if that’s the kind of thing to get you out of this seasonal and political funk.

This list over at Curbed will send you right back into the throes of your SF addiction phase: 101 reasons to love San Francisco. Sobs, I’ll never be able to quit you, San Francisco.

The New Yorker has the details on the coat (and company) everyone in New York and Hollywood seems to be wearing this year. (They do seem to be fantastically warm.)

I know this will seem totally not interesting BUT YOU ARE WRONG: why Americans refrigerate their eggs but no one else does. There’s actually a reason for it!

Traffic deaths in the US topped 40,000 last year, the highest number since 2007. People. Seriously. Put down your phones. Traffic deaths used to be decreasing, but they’ve been increasing in recent years.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wrote a personal essay on the need for a federal family paid leave program. Senators, they’re just like us!

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