Friday Link Roundup: Uber Launches Driverless Cars For a Day and a Faking a Fuller Christmas Tree

Friday December 16, 2016

How are the weeks flying by now? And Amazon Prime is getting all sketchy with giving me ranges of dates of when the gifts might arrive? Two days, darnit, that’s the agreement.

How are your weekends shaping up? We’re headed to a birthday party tomorrow, to celebrate the cutest, dancingest little guy turning 2, and then hosting a Dungeness Crab Holiday Spectacular on Sunday in honor of another friend’s birthday. (I’ll also be trying my hand at a cheesy, savory version of a cinnamon bun. It can be done, right?) December birthdays for the win!

Have a great weekend everyone!



From around the web this week:

SFist has you covered with the best fireplace bars in San Francisco. Stay toasty!


For about a day this week, Uber rolled out a fleet of driverless cars. (Did you see them? We did!) Then within a few hours came a few ran red lights caught on tape and the DMV cease and desist letters (for not having the proper permits). No one said the future would come easy.


The SFMTA released a report on their raised bikeway test findings. A huge bonus of raised bikeways is that cars and delivery trucks won’t double park in them, a huge hazard for cyclists. Anyway, go check out which option worked best, and look forward to seeing them crop up around town in the next few years.


You’ll need to see this National Geographic photo of a bobcat in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m still in awe.


Speaking of four legged friends in urban settings, Sweden outdid themselves with this tiny mouse cafe. Please let miniature storefronts go viral. San Francisco, this is right up our alley.


This is me, at every party. Often wondering where other’s will power comes from.


Apartment Therapy explains how to get that full Christmas tree look. “Add more stuff” is only half the strategy.


If you love Ta-Nehisi Coates, you’ll need to read his write-up on President Obama: My President Was Black.



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