Weekend Family Hike: The Presidio’s Wood Line

Wednesday February 15, 2017

Living in San Francisco often feels like living in a wonderland — you never know what sliver of joy is right around the corner, or just a little further down the path.

The Presidio’s Wood Line falls squarely in that category. Created by British artist Andy Goldsworthy (also of Spire fame), Wood Line is a natural art installation, tucked alongside the Presidio’s Lovers Lane. You wouldn’t know it was there if not for an off-the-hiking-path stroll.

Wood Line is composed of weaving eucalyptus tree trunks and branches, undulating through a canopy of the eucalyptus grove. The artwork will eventually decay, into the ground from which it came. There is much to contemplate here, from the ephemeralness of life to humans’ impact on forests, especially the planting of eucalyptus (an invasive species) in California back in the 1800s.

On a damp morning, the air hung with the heavy smell of wet eucalyptus. Bean and her friend immediately clambered atop the trunks, shrieking with glee as they traced its path through the forest. The adults stood back, taken in by the surprising and spontaneous sight of it all. In person, Wood Line seems to stretch on for miles in every direction.

This would be an excellent spot for a quasi-urban family hike, starting near Lucas Film studios (and maybe a pit stop at their Starbucks) and ending up in Laurel Heights, just next to Julius Khan Playground and all the wonderful lunch spots on California and Sacramento.

Have fun!

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