Friday Link Roundup: Ocean Beach to Get Revamped, Wine Guides, and the Style Color of 2017

Friday March 31, 2017

And it’s Friday. Y’all, the third trimester zombie fest kicked off to a grasping, fog-eyed start this week. Yesterday, I was so tired by 1pm that I actually thought there might be a carbon monoxide situation in the building. (So, obviously, the only rational thing to do was open the windows and take a nap.) I’m hoping this is a growth spurt and not the way of things for the next few months. There’s too much stuff to do!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Bean is on spring break next week, so I have no idea what posting will be like (and will likely depend on what adventures we get up to.)



From around the web this week:


Ocean Beach will be getting revamped and Hoodline has the pretty renderings.

Least surprising but still disconcerting headline of the week: a poll said that half of all millenials in SF are looking to leave in the next few years. (Did they bother to poll Gen-Xers? Maybe they couldn’t find enough of us to poll.)

Why the school day has to start so early (hint: urban planning)

This How to Drink Wine guide by Eric Asimov, the NY Times wine critic, is amazingly in depth and I will be ON IT come June.

My favorite Parenting By the Books column takes on Little Women this week, specifically a chapter on Meg’s marital woes and sleep training. (Brilliant: “On some level she is not actually experiencing a problem, she is experiencing John’s experience of a problem.” Sound familiar, ladies?)

Dave told me about the NBA’s secret peanut butter and jelly locker room tradition, and it’s worth a read. (I let Bean have her first pb&j this week and she looked at me like, “why have you ever fed me anything else, woman?” Apparently, the Warriors concur with that assessment.)

Have you been noticing all the blush and dusty pink accessories this season? Well, Apartment Therapy says it’s coming for your home too. I….am not sure about this. (Although, it is a welcome relief from all the gray.)

And finally, a cat video for your Friday afternoon. Enjoy.

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