Friday Link Roundup: The Rains are Coming Back and The Crown’s Season 2 Misfire

Friday March 17, 2017

Bean and I just got back from an afternoon picnic at Dolores Park and ice cream at Bi-Rite. It is glorious out there people; go outside!

Any fun plans for the weekend? We’re taking Bean out to lunch and a play with friends. It’ll be her first play! We’re really excited…just hoping it goes better than The Nutcracker Attempt of 2015, A Topic That Shall Not Be Revisited.

Have a great weekend everyone!



From around the web this week:

So, all that nice weather we’re having? Enjoy it now, next week comes the deluge. Three storms are moving in between Monday and Friday.

Have you noticed an increased BART police presence at Civic Center Station? They’re leading a new round of busts/arrests for narcotics in the underground station. (Have I ever told you my obsession with undercover cops? THE MYSTERY. I love them especially at Safeways, where they’re the ones wandering the baby aisle with like 3 cases of bottled water in their cart.)

If you live in the Richmond, you have two more weeks to take advantage of Friends of the Urban Forests offer to help pay for and plant a tree in front of your building, which they’ll then maintain for the next three years.

Here’s a rendering of what the SF skyline will look like in the coming decade, once all the glass and steel structures are completed in the Financial District and SOMA. So shiny. (The shadows are kinda wonky, though, right? Like, the sun doesn’t set in San Mateo.)

I loved loved loved these quotes about finding your partner and love that the New York Times wedding writer heard over the course of her 25 year career. I’m happy I found my fish.

Have you heard that Season 2 of The Crown will be mostly focused on Prince Philip? (!*&!*^%!) The Fug Girls wrote a perfectly all-capsy and ragey response. (IT’S A SHOW CALLED THE CROWN.)

A service-y heads up: did you know Bi-Rite offers vegan flavors? Aside from sorbet? It was one of the best vegan ice creams I’ve ever had.

Lastly, also in food, it’s not St. Patrick’s day without some Irish Potatoes, and yet it doesn’t seem to be a thing in California? Alas, Bean and I will be making our own with this recipe. YUM.

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