Arsicault Bakery in the Richmond: Bon Appétit’s Latest SF Darling

Thursday December 8, 2016

Nothing like two posts in a row about how spoiled we are here in San Francisco.

Some restaurant or another is always getting shortlisted on aBon Appétit list, or slammed with a James Beard Award, or gaining a Michelin star or two. It can be hard to keep up. (I reiterate: spoiled absolutely ROTTEN.)

Today’s (overly indulgent) breakfast with a friend finally brought us to Arsicault Bakery, newly named as Bon Appétit’s Best New Bakery of the Year. Tiny and tucked into an unassuming storefront on Arguello, it is anyone’s guess how it popped up onBon Appétit’s radar.

Maybe it was the sinfully delicious croissants.






On this rainy morning, we barely had to wait in line, and plenty of small tables were available on a tiny mezzanine level above the counter. This is the exception, though. Come early if you plan on staying. Or if you want croissants before they run out.

We ordered one of everything available, as you do. (The French undoubtedly do not, but we were thankfully not French today.)




(Action shot, courtesy of my dear friend. And, yeah, we were totally those people.)



I went straight for the chocolate croissant. She dove for the plain croissant. The crunchy shells seemed to disintegrate just by touch. Taking a bite, the pristine rigid structure melted into creamy impressions of butter and caramelized flakes. A culinary slight of hand.

We also picked out an almond-chocolate croissant, which will satisfy every sweet tooth in your body and then some.

If you go, I’d recommend sticking to the pure croissant and chocolate croissant, but I won’t blame you for going overboard. It’s practically impossible not to.



Arsicault Bakery

397 Arguello Boulevard (at Clement)

Hours: 7am to 1pm

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