I’m Going to Insist: A Night at the Alamo Drafthouse, New Mission Theater

Tuesday June 6, 2017

San Francisco’s installment of the Alamo Drafthouse opened in ye olden days of 2015. For some unknown reason, it’s taken us over a year to get ourselves there? Ooooh, boy, was that an oversight. Have you gone yet?

What sets the Alamo Drafthouse chain apart from regular theaters, is that you sit at tables with a full restaurant staff ready to bring you appetizers, food, and drinks as you watch the film. They even had virgin cocktails for this pregnant lady!

(A little known fact about me: I actually used to be a projectionist and manager at a sister drafthouse through law school. Now, our drafthouse was more nacho cheese, curly fries, and the stale aroma of beer compared to the antique and culinary chicness going on at the New Mission drafthouse.)

So, in many ways, I am thoroughly biased. Heading into the glam art deco theater felt like a homecoming. Well, if you returned to find your comfortable, peeling home upgraded into a glamorously decorated version of itself. The gilded ceilings, deep red velvets, and vintage brass fixtures are delicious.

The food is also a serious upgrade. In true SF fashion, the popcorn isn’t just buttered, oh no. It’s truffle buttered. There’s also something called a breakfast burger, served on a brioche with bacon jam. Also: fresh cookies and boozy milkshakes. (!!!) The entire menu looks incredible.

If you haven’t been there yet, the Alamo Drafthouse makes for an awesome all-inclusive date night, including a pre-movie cocktail at the swanky bar off the lobby. I’ve already warned Dave that we’ll be doing every date night at the drafthouse from here on out.


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