Winter Obsessions: MUJI’s Wool Cape Stole

Monday November 7, 2016

I became obsessed with this scarf years ago during a trip to Japan. The layered wool knits and plaid cape made my heart sing and yearn. I have no idea why I didn’t buy one.

Fast forward to last year and on a trip to MUJI’s San Francisco store in SOMA, I finally snatched one up. Then proceeded to live in it for the rest of winter. It is simple yet magical. And also the piece of clothing I always get compliments on.

The scarf can be transformed into a cape or capelet or stole, depending on how you choose to wear it. (MUJI includes helpful diagrams to show off all the permutations.) I sometimes start out the day with the scarf funneled up to my chin, then later wrap it around me like a blanket as the air gets colder.






The scarf is also made from a tightly woven wool, which somehow keeps all cold air out. This is what I mean by magical. With one arm tucked through an armhole and the rest wrapped around me like a capelet, I used it as my winter coat in SF (layering over a wool sweater on especially cold days).





It is just brilliant.




MUJI Wool Cape Stole with Armhole — Plaid

MUJI Wool Cape Stole with Armhole — More plaids

MUJI Wool Cape Stole with Armhole — Solid

MUJI Wool Cape Stole with Armhole — More solids



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