Friday Link Roundup: New Trader Joe’s Opens in Union Square and Common Floor Plan Mistakes

Friday February 10, 2017

What are your big plans for this finally, actually, blessedly rain-free weekend?

The thing about marrying another engineer is that there’s no one around to limit the baby-nesting-crazy. Not one partner to be all, “you know we have like 4 months, right? What’s the rush, let’s watch a movie.” Nope. Keep in mind, we already have a perfectly nice nursery ready to go. But, as Dave pointed out, “you know, the weekends are going to start getting away from us.” My entirely logical response: THEN I GUESS I’LL SPEND THE NEXT 2 HOURS RESEARCHING THE UNICORN OF HAMPERS.

So, what I’m saying is that maybe one of you should come over, knock us both over the head with a paint can, and force us to go on a hike.

Have a great sunny weekend, everyone!


From around the web this week:

Trader Joe’s shoppers rejoice: the new Trader Joe’s downtown (around the corner from Old Navy) is opening this week. Cheap wine for everyone!

I really liked this article on How to Observe Your City.

Did you know the American Gothic house actually exists, and it’s in Iowa? (And here’s an interesting breakdown of all the elements in the painting.)

If you also love children’s author Mo Willems, you’ll need to read this profile of him in the New Yorker.

Also in books, New York City  has launched a city book club. Buzzfeed has the first five books.

I really want this dress — the perfect casual Fall/Winter dress — even though I won’t be able to wear it for another 2 years.

Apartment Therapy reminded us about living room floor plan rules, and also mistakes we’re likely making in bedroom floor plans. Service-y!

MacLean’s dug out a 1953 piece on a day in the life of the new Queen Elizabeth, and all you fans of The Crown will surely want to read it.

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