Friday Link Roundup: Bay Area Hate Crimes Surge (& Martha Stewart, Queen of my Heart)

Friday November 18, 2016

How did everyone’s week go? Does anyone else feel like they’re clawing through the week to get to Friday?

One of my oldest and dearest friends is getting married in SF this weekend. We are so happy for them — this is truly a moment where you step back and realize these two people were just waiting to meet each other all their lives but none of us knew it. We, and I’m sure all of the other guests, also feel grateful to have something new and hopeful and joyful in our lives to kick off the holiday season. Congratulations you two, we cannot wait to celebrate with you!

I hope all of you have a good, festive weekend too!


From around the web this week:

In transportation news, you might want to start avoiding Van Ness at all costs. The Van Ness Improvement Project began last week, and the construction sounds majorly disruptive. Use Gough and Franklin instead. (Really looking forward to the end result, though!)

Hate crimes are surging across the Bay Area. This week brought: a San Jose high school teacher threateningly telling a student he could be deported by Trump, an Alameda elementary school got tagged with racist graffiti, a United Airlines pilot flying out of SFO had to intervene after a passenger said something racist to a black passenger, two separate instances of college women at UC Berkeley and San Jose State having their head scarves either pulled off or threatened to have it pulled off, a nanny with two young children was attacked in Fort Mason and told “No Latinos here”, and finally, a woman wearing a head scarf (to keep the sun off her head) in Fremont had her car vandalized and got a note that read, “hijab wearing bitch.” Oh, and the new White House Chief Strategist and Senior Council thinks too many of our Silicon Valley CEO’s are Asian.

Seriously, people.

Here is a helpful primer on what to do if you see someone getting harassed. I think we all need to memorize it.

We are lame parents so we did not really catch the supermoon, but these amazing photographers from all around the world did. (The one with the Parthenon is insane.) Also insane and awesome: this one starring a man and his dog.

Racked has a history of the duffle coat. It’d be silly to buy a wool coat for San Francisco, right? Probably right.

This is actually a pretty helpful video: how to turn one bouquet of mixed flowers into several arranged vases.

Several of you have emailed me about this and I still don’t believe it’s true: how the Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg’s Potluck Dinner Party came to be. I do agree with the New Yorker here: we HAVE all been underestimating her this whole time.





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