What’s Your Source for Cheap/Stylish Workout Gear

Wednesday September 14, 2016

Ok, gang, I need some help and input. I need new workout gear. The last time I bought running clothes was in 2009, and it’s been 7 years of weekly if not daily wear and the poor dregs look like it.

This usually wouldn’t matter (it’s all not looking too great in the middle of a run), but my new routine involves traveling during rush hour, aka standing next to people who’ve actually brushed their hair, wearing my gear and yes, this get-up is even too embarrassing for Muni. (A low standard, I realize, but trust me.)

Before, I drowned myself in Nike, and that held up really well (see: 7 years) but it’s also very expensive. Do I just suck it up and re-outfit myself?

So, unload it on me. Where do you go to shop for cheap workout clothes, that will also last another 7 years. Help a lady out.




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