Rolling Up Your Sleeves the J Crew Way: A Quick Primer

Wednesday September 7, 2016

Did you know J Crew, the arbiter of prepster and nerd chic, has an official way to roll up sleeves? And that it’s entirely not the usual way to roll up sleeves? It’s true.

This led to many internal questions: 1) There’s a proper way to roll up your sleeves? 1) Is the standard way not the proper way? 2) I’ve been doing this wrong somehow? Maybe, no and yes! Who knew. Importantly, rolled properly (“properly”), the shirt is so much more comfortable and the roll doesn’t unravel or get rumply by midday. Maybe Jenna Lyons has a point.


Here’s how to do it:


First, fold the entire sleeve up and over your elbow.



Then, grab the bottom of the folded sleeve, and fold it again, up over your elbow.




Take care of the details: a bit of the cuff should peek out from the top of the fold, smooth out any wrinkles.




And that’s it! No more pushing up the sleeves to stay up over your elbows, no bunched-up fabric, no redoing it after a couple of hours. As if we’d ever doubt you, Jenna.


Do any of you roll up your sleeves this way? Am I late to the game?





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