Latest Must Have: Sven Clogs

Wednesday March 1, 2017

Oh, people.

It’s been three months of rain boots in San Francisco. Tall, black, dependable, always practical rain boots. Now that the sun is getting brighter and the rain clouds are (maybe) disappearing, my eye has started prowling for the next shoe to wear.

And be still my heart. Have you ever stumbled across Sven Clogs?



First, ok, yes, clogs. I’m not typically a clog girl, but they look so darn cute these days, and you can wear them with tights/dresses and jeans. Plus, you know me and my Sweden obsession.



Second, any these clogs can be custom made to your exact formulation. You can pick the sole (wood? rubber? bendable?), the top leather texture (metallic, suede, nu buc, smooth just to name a few), and within each of those categories, you have a dozen leathers to pick from.



It’s like putting together a custom made sofa. But shoes!

And, best of all, they’re handcrafted in the US.

I’m thinking Mother’s Day…


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