Friday December 19, 2014

It has been a long week, y’all. I was sick, Bean was sick, there was a night in there that we all slept a total of 2 hours (not even all at the same time!)

My parents fly in this weekend, though, and Bean is psyched that Yiayia will finally teach her how to put clips in her hair (no, she does not want me to do it, “nononoyouyouyounono. NO. YIAYIA.”) They’re already conspiring over Skype; Bean isn’t even 2.

Here are some fun/interesting reads that popped up this week. Have a great weekend!


This photo essay is pretty much the opposite of streetstyle photos and it’s amazing. We are all the same.

A friend and I could have sworn we saw a patch of snow randomly sitting on a sidewalk at the base of Mt. Zuckerberg. Ummm, we may not have been hallucinating after all? Clearly, we all need richer friends.

If you don’t happen to know a billionaire, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration put together a handy dandy map showing you the odds you’ll wake up to a white christmas. It’s not looking good, San Francisco.

We watched “The Hundred-Foot Journey” last weekend and someone needs to step up and talk me out of this haircut. Because I’m so far from being a gingham-dress clad Frenchwoman on a bicycle.

Someone at Oklahoma (sorry Texas fans in my life) created 1950s vs 2014 sliding aerial photos of Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Minneapolis and other midwestern cities. Cincinnati’s before/after is absolutely stunning (in a bad way.)

All the life-on-Mars news (yeah, present tense) this week was pretty fascinating. Who knew methane gas held the secret to extraterrestrial life?




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