Friday Link Roundup: SF Fully Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave and the History of Stern Grove

Friday April 8, 2016

How did all of your weeks go? I can’t get over how absolutely glorious San Francisco is every spring. I’m looking out at a field of cherry blossoms and Monterey Cypress trees as I type. (And 90-degree heat waves don’t hurt.)

Our week wasn’t the greatest, though. Our car was in an accident (while parked!) and no one left a note. And our building witnessed a sad event yesterday. As terrible as it was, though, it was heartwarming to instantly see several apartments come together to help and support our neighbors. To me, this is what city living is all about — sharing walls, sharing ceilings and floors and mailboxes, we are all so enmeshed in each other’s lives (for better or worse) that we know to drop everything and spring into action as soon as someone needs us. Five other apartments have our backs, at all times. It’s pretty cool.

Here’s to a relaxing weekend.


From around the web this week:

So, San Francisco decided to totally rock it out and become the first city in the US to give fully paid leave for both new mothers and fathers. Here’s a nice quick summary of how it’ll work.

YOU get a new BART car, YOU get a new BART car, we’re ALL GETTING NEW BART CARS. And then someone complained they were Seattle Seahawks green and blue, and so BART hilariously pulled out the Pantone rolodex to correct them (Q16).

A must-read for anyone into SF history: the Story of Stern Grove and Pine Lake Park. Worth it almost purely for the photos of the Sunset and Richmond back in the day…as sand dunes. Yeah, it used to be ALL sand dunes. (!!!!!) Also makes sense why that beautiful Victorian cottage sits at the bottom of Stern Grove.

The Randall Museum is mourning its two crows, best friends who passed within weeks of each other. Our hearts go out to the caretakers and magpies.

Did you catch this story about the 9 year old girl reporter?

“The People vs O.J. Simpson” wrapped up this week. And a) how did some of you not watch this?! GET ON IT. FX is only giving you 30 more days to watch it online. b) The New York Times has full coverage of the finale: Sterling K Brown, our new collective boyfriend; interviews with the creators; and how such a circus of a trial could still affect us, nearly 20 years later.




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