Friday Link Round Up: In Which Riley Curry Steals Our Hearts

Friday May 29, 2015

And winter has descended on us here in San Francisco. On the one hand, SO COLD. On the other, I feel a little more than grateful that San Francisco weather is acting itself again. Mmmm, feels like home.

Also, happy earthquake day! I hope you have your earthquake preparedness kits ready!


From around the web this week:

Now’s the time to jump on the Warrior’s bandwagon if you haven’t yet done so. They made it to the finals! Here’s the Warrior’s Everbody Rise video to get you on your feet, and the team’s 2015 highlight reel. There. You’re practically a life-long member of Dub Nation now.

The Daily Beast posits that Riley Curry, 2 year old daughter to Steph Curry, is the real NBA Playoffs MVP. I didn’t realize this was up for debate. (And judging from the sports reporter’s reaction at the 1:02 mark — “blah blah blah basketball playoffs blah championship blah resilient OH MY GOD CUTE BABY DOING CUTE THINGS” — I think they’d agree.)

In other SF news, get ready for a LOT more bicycles on the streets. MTC has approved a private expansion of the Bay Area Bike Share pilot program. Estimates are that there will be 4,500 more bicycles available within SF alone.

The SFMTA announced its own bike news this week — roughly 23 miles of bike lane improvements will be coming in 2015.  Also, bicycle use has increased by 206% since 2006. Good job, SF! (If you’re curious to see what protected bike lanes look like, Streetsblog has photos here.)

After our plight with moths recently, this funny video on Cal Academy’s partnership with Your Wild Life to discover what insects live in San Francisco apartments hit a nerve. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T LOOK UNDER THE CARPET.

In other urban planning and history news, this World Trade Center elevator video showing the literal rise of the Manhattan skyline from the 1500s to today is the most amazing genius thing ever and I’m very hopeful that more cities will follow suit.


I’ve come across a series of funny pieces on Myers-Briggs personality tests recently. First, Thought Catalog shares what each personality type’s definition of hell is. (I laughed real tears. And then had to do some explaining to Dave…) The Kitchn describes each personality type’s kitchen style. Also shockingly accurate.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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