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Friday Link Roundup: The Last San Francisco Farm and Autumn Apple Recipes

Friday September 30, 2016

What are you all up to this week? This is our first weekend in a while with no work trips or visiting friends, so we’re looking forward to easing back into our usual weekend rituals (don’t you kind of live for them?) Bean is also learning for the first time what a “weekend” is, our little Dowager Countess.

(Preschool is going much much much MUCH better. Thanks to all of you who checked in!)


From around the web this week:


Er, President Obama noticed us, you guys. He came out with zoning law recommendations this week to ease the housing crisis.

Speaking of zoning laws, San Francisco will be losing its last agricultural farm after yesterday’s vote by the SF Planning Commission. The patch of land in Mission Terrace will be turned into a Wald0rf-inspired farm school. (This whole exchange is so fascinating.)

Speaking of farms, did you know Cow Hollow got its name for all the dairy farms located there back in the day? SFist had a round up of wonderful and weird San Francisco trivia.

Heads up: The Van Ness and Polk Street streetscape/safety/bicycle/transit improvement construction will be kicking off this month. Click over to see the renderings. Could Van Ness someday actually be…pretty?

SPUR has a cheeky interview with Silicon Valley’s Gavin Belson, CEO of Hooli: “My personal office is more like a sanctuary for deep contemplation than anything resembling a traditional “work space.” For me personally, a space in which to do anything other than meditate deeply on the real problems that face the human race is an antiquated and spiritually bankrupt model.”

I need to try this self-professed ugly but addictive recipe at Bon Appetit. And it only takes 2 minutes.

Also in food, here are 15 recipes for fall apples.

How did I not know Art.com sells somewhat obscure prints by famous artists? This entire series sings to my minimalist heart.



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