Friday Link Roundup: Rethinking Fisherman’s Wharf

Friday June 10, 2016

How are all your weekends looking? Bean’s cousins are coming to spend the weekend with us. The kids all adore each other and they’re all so excited. Bean’s been bouncing around the apartment for 2 days now, just bursting with anticipation. Did you know older cousins are the coolest people on the planet?

We, though, are a bit nervous! We’ve planned for a weekend of scavenger hunts, hikes, museum-hopping and trolley car rides, along with baking projects and the requisite ice cream outings. We’ll see how our optimally-configured 650 sq ft apartment does. At least everyone will have a bed, right?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


From around the web this week:

San Francisco presented its proposal/bid for US DOT’s SmartCity Challenge (Mayor Ed Lee flew to DC and everything!), which could bring an additional $50 million to San Francisco in transportation funding (for things like self-driving buses and commuter share networks.) And then some local tech companies pledged an additional $150 million in funding if SF is chosen. Fingers crossed!

Can we ever have too many time-lapse videos of the June fog set to New Age-y music. Nope.

The New Yorker took a deep dive into “Silicon Valley” and how they get Silicon Valley so right. 1) This is definitely why the show works so well. 2) I love the tidbit that they use the fake conference rooms as real conference rooms. IT’S ALL SO META.

SFist did us all a helpful service and explains Fisherman’s Wharf and which restaurants are actually worth going to. (I’m proud that they’re also the one’s I’ve tried to convince y’all to go to as well.)

Someone get in on these new pop ups from two former chefs at Eleven Madison Park.

Do you know a pregnant lady? The New York Times rounds up 25 dishes to make for new parents, and YES. You will be their most beloved friend ever if you make one of these.

I had no idea how much I loved this decor color palette until now. It’s heavenly. (I might need to redecorate…? Darn you, navy sofa.)

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