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Friday Link Roundup: Muni’s Red Bus Lanes Not So Popular and Steph Curry’s Best 3-Pointers (So Far!)

Friday April 15, 2016

How was everyone’s week? Our streak of mellow, calm weeks continues. This weekend is supposed to be hot and sunny; we’ll be hanging out with family and friends on picnic blankets, taking in some bay breezes and playing soccer. Hooray to springtime.


From around the web this week:


It’s been all Warriors, all the time in SF this week. Here’s a roundup of Steph Curry’s best three-pointers of the season (so far!) and you may want to get comfortable with the new Dub Nation theme song. GO DUBS.

So, those red bus only lanes on Mission have turned out to be UNPOPULAR. It’ll be interesting to see how the MTA responds. I mean, it’s not like we were all thinking this was going to benefit motorists, right? (It’s really too bad that Mission Local didn’t find at least one bus rider to interview.)

Related, this totally cracked me up. I’ve seen so many cars on those red lanes, I didn’t even know the MTA had even begun enforcing them yet.

Ugh, did you catch this story about how to feel “financially comfortable” in San Francisco, you have to have $1.4 million. To feel rich? $6M. Combine this with that story a few weeks ago saying San Mateo will now allow people making $250,000/year to apply for subsidized housing, and…. we are living in odd times.

FANTASTIC news for Dairy Queen addicts: there’s a major (400 stores) expansion planned for California, and specifically the Bay Area and San Francisco. Hallelujah.  (There’s one in the San Bruno Mall if you need a fix sooner than that though.)

Ha ha, and related to that, Nature took on global lactose intolerance, with a fascinating map showing areas where adults can’t drink milk (fyi, it’s most of the world.) Did you know the ability to digest lactose is a recent development, thanks to a European genetic mutation? Fascinating.

Following up on that discussion of finding time to exercise, Google Calendar will now find open blocks in your schedule for exercise or me-time (or whatever else is lacking in your life).

If you’ve ever wondered what your Victorian was originally meant to look like (furnishings, walls, and all), this couple painstakingly restored their Alamo Square Victorian down to the linens. It’s like a living museum.







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