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Friday Link Roundup: SF Neighborhood Personality Quiz and the Best Soup Dumplings

Friday April 1, 2016

These early Spring weeks have been so chill and mild for us. Lazy, slow damp hikes through California poppies. Baseball at the beach. I just saw my first pod of whales for the season this morning. It’s like San Francisco is waking up from the rains, taking a look around, and letting the beautiful out.

Bean’s recently become aware/interested in geography and landmarks, so it’s been fun to re-introduce her to her city. Golden Gate Bridge is: “hey! It’s our bridge! Over dere! It’s in our city!” You’d think a child would have noticed a 700 foot tall, bright orange bridge before she was 3, but no. Gold-etched City Hall is a building of mysterious wonder, where Daddy does NOT work? Are you sure? He don’t work there, Mommy? I work there, Mommy? Dolores Park renders here into fits of squeals and DOLOOOORESSSS PARRRRK!!! MOMMY. DOLORES PAAAARK. See a palm tree in the Richmond? “LOOK, DOLORES PARK TREEEEES!” (I think the playground has made quite an impression.)

I hope all of you are having an equally relaxing slide into Spring. And hope you have a great weekend.


From the webs this week:

Thinking about moving? Curbed SF came up with a Find Your Ideal San Francisco Neighborhood Quiz. Take it and report back. We’ve gotten a lot of funny results here at Far Out City HQ. I got The Mission, and I swear I didn’t give even one hipster response. (Maybe the Mission actually IS full of white-wine-swilling, apartment-dwelling moms these days…)

Moving on, Atlantic Cities caught up with a social worker at the San Francisco Public Library. We’re weekly visitors to Main Library, and it’s heartening to know that the library has full time staff working with those looking for shelter, safety, help, and hope there. Libraries, you are all the best.

For soup dumpling obsessionists, SFist listed the best in the Bay Area.

Also from SFist, the entymology of brunch.

Have you ever wondered what exactly you’re looking at when you stare out at Ocean Beach? Turns out: Mostly Australia and some Africa. (!!!) A cartographer mapped all of the sight-lines from every beach in the world, showing exactly what lies at the other side of the ocean. Beautiful, fascinating and thoroughly surprising.

Also in other-worldy cartography news, did you know that literal giant arrows point the way from New York to San Francisco. No, it’s true.

Apartment Therapy is always the greatest on April 1st. My favorite today is Marie Kondo’s home tour. YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A JUNK CLOSET, MARIE.

The New York Times also decided to play a VERY UNFUNNY joke indeed on crossworders.

And, not a joke, but the sneakers every European prepster tourist has been wearing around SF. Also available at Urban Outfitters. (I just got a pair. Now, just need a folded over cashmere sweater and adorable accent.)





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