Post Partum Pajamas: Or, what to wear when lots of people will be seeing you in pajamas

Monday November 17, 2014

My immediate post partum period was a blur of bathrobes, swaddling blankets, cookies, and diffused sunlight. While you’re in this hazy mess of breast pumps and ponytails, the reality is that a lot of people are going to stop by and see you.

Before I had a kid, this seemed like it’d be really intrusive. Your body doing all this weirdo stuff, and really, as a first time mom, you have a vague idea of what exactly this weirdo stuff is. You’ve heard it’s gross. Won’t I be half naked the entire time, breastfeeding? And, what will my stomach even look like, and oh God, what does my body even look like anymore under this giant inflatable tummy? And during all this, there will be people sitting in my living room?!

And then I had the kid, and I wanted the entire world to come over and bask in her loveliness. I’m not entirely sure what I wore around those people, but it was probably my cowgirl rodeo flannel pajama suit in Size: way too big for me.

By the 3 week mark, I needed to up my pajama game. Roaming around all day in roomy flannel pajamas wasn’t doing the best things for my mood, or desire to leave the apartment.

Enter the post partum momiform, indoor edition. It turns out it’s super fun to shop online during naps. And pajamas are a good place to start, since your body shape is still likely in flummox and you aren’t yet sure what size you’ll end up being. (Or, you’re not ready to start shopping for the size you are now, as opposed to the size you were before.)

It’s still pajamas, don’t get me wrong. But, it’s nice enough that you’ll look like you have it somewhat together, even if the only other person seeing is your sleepy, drooly 1 month old roommate.



1. J Crew Pajama Pants — These are terrifically soft and the pant leg is super flattering. (The stripe version is currently sold out in many sizes, but I’ve been buying them for years so I’m hoping they’ll be back. You can get them in solid colors for the time being.)

2. The Nursing Tank — These Target tank tops are inexpensive (as far as nursing-specific clothing goes (SO EXPENSIVE)), and kind of A-line shaped so you can continue to overlook the plight of your deflating stomach. They’re also nice and long, which is always my problem with camisoles. They have them in a ton of colors; get at least 3 or 4 of them and wear them under everything.

3. Upgraded Sweatshirt — it’s still a sweatshirt, but not the sweatshirt you got down the shore when you were in high school (with the ratty hole on your sleeve). The nice thing about fancy sweatshirts is that you only need to throw on real pants to go outdoors (yes, you’ll need to throw on real pants at some point after having a baby.)

4. Moccasins — since this is San Francisco, real slippers can get a bit too warm indoors. I bought these shoes on super discount, a size larger than I wear, for the perfect slip-on, slip-off slipper. They’re meant to be warn outdoors, but I prefer them as indoor shoes. Throw these on and you’ll instantly look put together when visitors stop by.

5. Nowali slipper sock — If you do need something warmer on your feet, these are great. A soft leather sole lets you pad around the apartment, but then also curl up on the sofa for marathon nursing sessions.




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