Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday November 23, 2016

How’s everyone doing this Wednesday? My heart goes out to all of you traveling today, whether to grandma’s house or just trying to cross the Bay Bridge to get back home. May the force be with you.

We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with friends tomorrow, then off to Tahoe for a snow weekend getaway. (It’s supposed to snow all weekend!!) We’re looking forward to frosty noses, crackling fires, and warm hot chocolates all around.I’ll be back to regular posting on Tuesday.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and an even better lazy weekend!




Some Thanksgiving links:

Entertainment Weekly has all the info for recreating Ross Geller’s ultimate Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich. Someone out there needs to do this.

All of you who know me know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, in no large part to how accepting and diverse it can be. It’s truly a holiday for everyone! The New York Times interviewed 15 families about how they celebrate Thanksgiving, and the interactive feature one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve seen online.

If you’re feeling a little on edge about family conversations around the dinner table this holiday, Ellen Degeneres has you covered (with a Wolf Blitzer cameo). I actually think there are some useful tips here!

If you’re staying local this Thanksgiving, Eater put together a guide on where to eat out in SF on Thanksgiving.

For all the space nerd kids out there, here’s how the astronauts in the international space station are celebrating Thanksgiving.

These personal Thanksgiving traditions were a blast to read through.

Finally, did you know the British version of our Yule Log is a video of an antique steam train? How awesome.



Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!


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