Friday Link Roundup: James Beard Awards in SF and Zoos Battle It Out in a Cute Animal Tweet Off

Friday January 27, 2017

And a happy Friday to you. We are gearing up for Birthday Week Extravaganza here, kicking off with a small party this weekend and then a trip to Tahoe for birthday ski lessons for one miniature person in our midst.

Four. Lord, when did she get so big? She has those tangly kid limbs that go on for miles now, with the knobby knees and pointy ankles. She remains the most people-loving person I’ve ever known, enthusiastic to strike up a conversation with everyone and anyone. The other day, in that sunny, smiley, Shirley Temple way of hers, she convinced a stranger (of a certain age as they say) to give her a ride on his walker.

So, yes, this is Bean at 4. She’s the type of person who will convince an elderly man to give her a ride on his walker (“hold on!”), and then have him walk away thanking her for the experience. Muni drivers wish her a good day out their windows. Strangers let her walk their dogs. People waiting to check out at the supermarket will know our entire life story by the time we leave.

Of course, most of this enthusiasm is saved for her friends and family. She can barely contain herself around them, resorting to simply jumping up and down in excitement. Holding hands at all times is a must. Hand-me-downs are treasured simply because they came from her revered big cousins. No store bought sweater is a match for those knit by Yiayia (and woe if they’re in the wash).

She is a magical little person, and even though my heart chokes up when I see photos of her toddler years, I could not be more curious to see where she goes. Happy Birthday, baby girl.

I hope you all have a great weekend as well, and we’ll be out next week so I will see you back here February 6th.


From around the web this week:


In local food news, La Taqueria won a James Beard Award in the America’s Classic category.

Related, SFist rounded up the best unsung bistros of SF, and this is really right up my alley.

I know this is a joke, but maybe we really do need a Craigslist Missed Encounters for Parents: “You:  Friendly guy in the 14th street PATH station who said ‘Would you like help with the stroller?’…Would love to maybe get your number so that I can call you this weekend when I will once again be in the 14th street station.”

Did you catch the nation’s zoos’ cute animal tweet off this week? Really, you need to take a look. No, really, it’s Friday, it’s been a long week. Go on.

If you suddenly have this urge to support the National Park Service, no reason, Gothamist put together a list of ways to offer financial support. I especially love the Pendleton National Parks bracelet, proceeds of which go to the NPS. (And, actually, Pendleton’s National Parks line, a percentage of which goes to the NPS, is all fantastic and I want it all.)

Harking back to our meal planning post from last week, Cup of Jo put together a list of five-ingredient meals. There’s also a link to this cookbook, which is all 4 to 6 ingredient meals, and I AM INTRIGUED.

This is old but I still love it: why bands include ridiculous tour riders.

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  1. Happy birthday, bean! Time flies! ?


    1/27/2017 at 9:01 pm