Friday Link Roundup: Lots of SF Restaurant News and What’ll Actually Happen When the Queen Dies

Friday May 5, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! What are y’all up to this weekend? Since next weekend’s plans will interfere with Mother’s Day, this Sunday will be Mother’s Day Observed for us. I’ve asked for breakfast in bed; knowing these two and their vegan baking prowess in the kitchen, I’m guessing this will be more pastries-from-the-bakery-down-the-street-in-bed.

I’m kind of at a loss for what to demand the rest of the day. I’m 8 and a half months pregnant; it seems the whole day should just be a constant flow of pastries in bed, right? Feel free to help me brainstorm.

Have a great weekend everyone!



From around the web this week:

LOTS of restaurant news this week, Riley Curry’s mother, Ayesha Curry, will be opening (along with Michael Mina) a barbecue restaurant in the (sagging) Millenium Tower.

Benu chef Corey Lee won the James Beard award for Best Chef West.

Food & Wine listed Tartine Manufactory as one of its best new restaurants of the year.

I noted the other day that we saw a leopard shark washed up on Alameda’s shores last weekend. It turns out the Bay Area’s leopard shark population is experiencing a die-off. The poor dears.

This was an interesting read: A San Francisco native shares what a tour of their childhood looked like. Not far off from Bean’s, but I REALLY REALLY wish Monkey Island still existed at the SF Zoo. (Obviously, more for me than for her.)

Your “Silicon Valley” boyfriend, Kumail Nanjiani, was profiled in this week’s New Yorker and he comes across just as likeable in print as on TV. (I also now really want to see his new movie, “The Big Sick.”)

Fascinating: Why Do Americans Smile So Much. My Greek (in Greece) relatives do not understand our politicians’ penchant for huge smiles at all.

And finally, after this week’s episode of Buckingham Palace Intrigue, here’s a reminder of what will actually happen when the Queen dies. (The BBC will announce it at 8am aka midnight in CA.)


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