Friday Link Roundup: Summer Watermelon and Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale Picks

Friday July 15, 2016

Well. Here we are again. As I write, Turkey has seemingly fallen to a military coup. Just as we are still learning what happened in Nice last night. What in the world is even happening this summer? We tried to watch “London Has Fallen” last Friday as a bit of escapism, and it wasn’t even that, because a plot that probably seemed preposterous and over the top years ago when it was written, now seems actually possible and the source of deep international anxiety.

Let’s focus on the photo above. She is playing a classical version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” amidst the Japanese Gardens at the SF Botanical Gardens. The fog was just beginning to lift, splashes of sun periodically dotted the water and leaves, matched to the soft trill and twinkling of keys rising and falling and gasping and plucking into thick air. It was magical. I feel like we need a bit more magic in the world right now.

Have a great, peaceful weekend everyone.



From around the web this week:

If you also suddenly feel like you don’t understand the political situation in Turkey either, The New Yorker published a long read on Erdogan and Turkey last March.

Very useful: SFist published a list of the 10 best non-dairy frozen desserts in SF. I crave water ice whenever it gets over 70°. (Philly forever.)

This new HGTV show had Dave and I laughing in tears. MOVE OVER 4 bedroom, 3,500 sq ft houses with stainless steel appliances in the Atlanta suburbs, we’ve got entire ISLANDS to buy. Looking back, this was the obvious next step.

Did you know watermelon is actually really good for you? A good thing Bean and I have been plowing through them this summer!

Cup of Jo’s latest piece on 15 Surprising Things About Parenting in Iceland was actually surprising. (The universities have free child care?? You could get a phd even though you have young kids at home. How amazing is that.)

Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale this month, and the sneak peek has already started. Ooooof, lots of pretty things. Shana took an epic trip and reported back with the must-buys.


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