Friday Link Roundup: Huge Praise for SFMOMA’s In Situ and a Jesus’ Wife Caper

Friday July 22, 2016

How were all of your weeks? This week has been all about the odd dichotomy of watching the Republic National Convention while trying to learn how to French braid a kid’s hair. And, oh no no, not just one normal braid — that will not do — but the complicated Heidi-esque braids other preschool girl’s parents come up with. How do you people learn how to do this? Did I fail girl school again? And preschooler hair is so thin and light, there’s nothing there to braid. Is this all Elsa’s fault?

Thankfully, the dear kid is just so grateful to HAVE braids finally, that she doesn’t really notice or comment on how misshapen they are.

Now, if one of you would kindly come over and show me how to do this for real, I will pay you in pecan banana bread.


From around the web this week:

If you remember the story from a few weeks ago, about the cyclist killed in Golden Gate Park by a speeding stolen car… well, the SFPD found who they think is the driver, and he’s been charged with murder. (This is very uncommon in the world of pedestrian and cyclist deaths.)

The New York Times declared the SFMOMA’s In Situ “America’s most original new restaurant.” The concept is pretty intriguing.

Something to do with all that cheap corn flooding the market: a very easy and delicious summer corn chowder soup

If you’ve ever wondered about octopuses, you MUST read this article on octopus intelligence.

Dave guilted me for over a month for not reading this The Atlantic investigation into the papyrus that mentioned Jesus’ wife (you may remember headlines about it last year.) WHAT A CAPER. It goes from escapes from East Germany to auto part salesmen in Florida to Ancient Egyptian academics and finally to the underground fetish world. There’s also a dash of the Vatican in there. It’s insane.

Your second warning that Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale has kicked off.

2 Responses to “Friday Link Roundup: Huge Praise for SFMOMA’s In Situ and a Jesus’ Wife Caper”

  1. If only I were close enough to come demonstrate a french braid in exchange for pecan banana bread–I would be at your door tomorrow morning!


    7/22/2016 at 6:42 pm

  2. I appreciate the sentiment. 🙂 Seriously, though, how do you people know how to do this?


    7/23/2016 at 10:39 am