Wednesday November 9, 2016

The relief of daybreak couldn’t come soon enough.

I think maybe this is how Republicans must have felt four, eight years ago. But then I think, no, see, Barack Obama is a decent man.

And then I have to start all over again to see the other side, to understand my nation. It is hard today to consolidate the decency I know Americans share and their decision to elect such an indecent man.

But, the nightmare of last night is over. The work of today is in front of us, whatever that work means to you. Whether working with the decent members of the Republican Congress and Senate to enact positive change. Whether to enter ourselves into the regulatory process to have a voice in our own government. Or even whether this means working to support future fair elections, in which enfranchisement doesn’t cost hours.

The government offers many opportunities to speak and be heard. As of today, and especially if you are feeling down and hopeless, I think that’s a responsibility all of us have to take on.



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