First Day

Monday September 19, 2016

I keep on trying to write a real post today, but my brain isn’t formulating words that I can put into sentences that would make any sense.

Bean is off to her first day at preschool. (She has been going to an informal preschool a couple days/week, but now she is going to a Big Deal Preschool that is 5 days/week aka School.)

I even spent the weekend peer pressuring myself, “Now, you’re going to write a real post on Monday. Readers have already read enough about everyone’s special darling’s first day at school.” Sorry gang. I’m having a major mom moment. My nerves are in my throat; anxiety has shut off basic neurological synapses. (Is she ok?) Maybe I should have just posted cat videos.

Our apartment is so shockingly quiet without this little person/chatterbox planning birthday parties for Sea Otter and otherwise climbing in my hair. I keep reminding the cat not to skip in the apartment because it’s loud for our downstairs neighbors. I’m texting friends trying to goad them into Why? questions. Basically, this all feels supremely weird.

I’ll be picking her up in a few hours.

Lord help this child when she goes away for college.


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