Happy Election Day!

Tuesday November 8, 2016

How’s your election day going? What are your plans for tonight? Back in DC, Dave and I would watch returns in dark crowded pubs, all greasy food and (let’s say) crisp wine, eventually piling out to walk home along brick storefronts with people cheering madly and cars honking the night away. I still don’t think there’s a better way to experience a presidential election, so all of you back in DC, I am jealous tonight.

On this other coast, we’ve got a night of Mission burritos and California wine. I also might have picked up a box of Diandra’s Italian pastries and raspberry bubbly to toast with Bean.

It’s pretty incredible to be sharing this election with a little girl. The significance of it is still a little over her head — she doesn’t know that it’s unusual for a woman to be running for President. Of course, we can only hope that this becomes her new normal, all of our new normal. There are so many women senators and governors who I hope will follow Hillary Clinton’s footsteps.

Although, she did tell us she was going to vote for Donald Trump, as she honestly put it, “just to be different.” (1. This doesn’t bode well for the teenage years. 2. Hopefully her powers of preschooler persuasion won’t overwhelm me on the walk to our polling station.)

Go vote, everyone! And happy election day! YEAH AMERICA!


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