Tuesday March 14, 2017

After getting through two Muni meltdowns today (train with a mechanical failure blocking all inbound traffic on the way to school, total complete mechanical failure on the subway tracks after school, oh Muni let me love you), I’m tossing everything to the wind and going to the beach. It’s nearly 80 degrees out. The ocean might as well be beckoning us to her calming arms.

That’s one of the whole points of living here right? We can look eastward and live in a major city, and then when that gets to be too much, head westward for crashing waves and ocean bluffs and pretend we’re on vacation?

We’ll be bringing along our specimen bags, of course. One of us will be on a scientific mission; the other one will be laying toes in the sand and letting the ocean breezes clean the city off.

Til tomorrow, everyone.


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