New Years

Tuesday January 3, 2017

Happy New Years to everyone out there! Did you all have a nice break? Did you get a break? I hope you did, even if the break was a slow down in emails at work.

Have you made a New Years resolution? I don’t usually make resolutions (so much pressure) but I felt compelled to this year. It even has a slogan: Read Better.

If 2016 was marked by anything, it was this constant drip of salacious/depressing/shocking news via social media or blogs or even the ever evolving New York Times home page. Like, on the hour, another reason to be shocked/awed/horrified/aghast. For 2017, I want to keep reading but read better.

Remember the innocent days when I was like, No More Clickbait! And then we somehow elected the clickbait President? We went from clicking on top ten lists of cat tricks to clicking on tawdry Presidential tweets and the subsequent breathless analysis. I’m worried that if I don’t put my foot down now, it’ll just be 365 days of The Trump Show, and I want my daily life to be better than that.

I’ve armed myself with a brand new Kindle Paperwhite, synced to the Kindle app on my phone, and I’ve started downloading library Kindle books for free via Overdrive. (If you have any recommendations, please pass them along!)

Dave’s on board as well, but he’s switching out podcasts for library audiobooks.

We’ll still read newspapers and keep informed and take part, of course, but this doesn’t meant chomping at every piece of news that comes down the pipeline in real time. Sometimes, you need a bit of space and perspective to truly know how to apply yourself, and that’s where we are now.

How about all of you? Any hopeful resolutions? Are you also trying to change course in 2017?

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