Friday Link Roundup: The Physics of Steph Curry and Refusing to be “the Mum on the Towel” This Summer

Friday June 3, 2016

So, Bean is sick on the sofa today, and I decided to get it all cultural up in here with a Bolshoi Ballet performance of La Bayadere.

If you know anything about ballet, then this is the moment you realize that I know nothing about ballet, because Act 2 begins….with children dancing in blackface. Literally. And men dancing nearby with whips. Bean doesn’t watch an episode of Mr. Rogers without a thousand questions, so things got quite educational at our home about an hour ago. Bffffpppt, how are you supposed to explain all these layers of cultural appropriation, insensitivity, racism, slavery and classical ballet to a 3 year old with a sick tummy who just wanted to see pretty ballerinas in pretty dresses?



From around the web this week:

If you’re also not that knowledgeable about basketball, and kind of want to know what the big deal is with the Warriors and Steph Curry, The New Yorker published a long read explaining the physics and stats that make them so amazing.

If you’re still like…Steph Curry? He’s the basketball player, right? And I guess we all love him now? But, why is he so awesome all the time? Buzzfeed is here to help you with that.

And I just spent waaaay tooooo looooong trying to find a roundup of the best Splash Brother gifs. I only found one. People, isn’t this what tumblr is for? Why is no one on this already?

SFist did us all a favor and put together a list of San Francisco’s best doughnut shops, in honor of National Doughnut Day. (Obviously, I’ve eaten at most of them. Just as obviously, now I need to check out this Mr. Holmes Bakehouse everyone’s obsessed with. Is there ever not a line?)

In awesome national and wildlife news, the sale (and more importantly the resale) of ivory has been nearly completely banned in the US. The US has historically been the 2nd largest consumer of ivory in the world, after China (and much of the ivory sold here was imported from China).

HA!: “Interior monologues for the twenty-four minutes my phone was dead on the bus ride home.” “This is fine. I’ve been meaning to unplug and be more mindful, or whatever.” Yep, definitely me just the other night.

The Notorious RBG and Justice Sonya Sotomayer were part of a panel discussion on food and the Supreme Court. Did you know the justices under Chief Justice John Marshall all lived together? Justice Ginsburg also explains that time she fell asleep at the State of the Union.

Feel like wasting an afternoon looking at truly mindshattering photos of the New York skyline?

Loved this 1973 interview between Studs Terkel and Diane Arbus. It’s true, audio really does bring people to life in a way video doesn’t. Diane Arbus’ description of growing up as a rich girl in New York during the Great Depression was particularly fascinating.

I also loved Shana of The Mom Edit’s refusal to be “the Mum on The Towel” at the beach this summer: “It was time to take myself back, to show my boys that This Girl Plays Hard.” Yes, and thank you.


Have a great weekend everyone! Adorable wetsuits for all of you!



2 Responses to “Friday Link Roundup: The Physics of Steph Curry and Refusing to be “the Mum on the Towel” This Summer”

  1. I live around the corner from Mr. Holmes. If you don’t care about cruffins, the line is no big deal (they have a separate cruffin line). Mid-morning during the week is generally the best time, i.e., once the cruffins have sold out but they haven’t sold out of enough other stuff to close completely. Except for the first time I went, I’ve never waited in line. Their savory pastries are really good. I don’t love their donuts (I prefer cake donuts) but the flavors are interesting.


    6/4/2016 at 10:53 pm

  2. Thank you for the intel! (Of course they have a separate cruffin line. Oh, San Francisco…)


    6/5/2016 at 3:21 pm