Friday Link Roundup:

Friday February 24, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks so much for sharing your pregnancy (horror) stories the other day. While I wish I could be more earth mama about this…man, pregnancy is just so weird. Kudos to all of you who’ve done it under extreme circumstances. You guys are rock stars.

It looks like yet another rainy weekend is in store for us. We’re going to try and sneak out for a hike tomorrow morning anyway. We are tired of being indoors. And then, of course, Oscar-palooza for which I just bought these new wine glasses because you can only spill massive wine glasses across a living room rug so many times before you need a new angle in hosting and life.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


From around the web this week:

California infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes under all this rain. This last week alone saw Highway 50, the southern route into Tahoe, crumble down a cliffside (it will be operating in single lane only for the next few months). Travel to Big Sur is also now cut off due to a collapsing bridge. Be safe out there, and plan your weekend trips accordingly!

This Google-Uber lawsuit, alleging a Google employee stole 9.7 gigabytes worth of information on self-driving cars and gave it to Uber…is FASCINATING.

Did you see this video of a trained bee rolling a ball? A bee.

If you’re also a design nerd, get out the popcorn and read about the sofa drama of West Elm’s Peggy Sofa and how it went from reviled to refunded in one week, thanks to this personal essay on The Awl. (For the record, we have the West Elm Bliss Sofa in velvet and love it.)

This had me and my friends laughing for days: How to Survive the Next Four Years Like a French Woman.

Some squinty Keanu Reeves for your Friday afternoon? Yes? Here you are. The interview is kind of interesting too.


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