A San Francisco Montessori Micronursery, Take Two

Tuesday April 25, 2017

Apologies for the back to back baby posts this week. If you looked inside my brain, it’d just be “baby baby baby baby baby baby baby.” On repeat forever more. Something about hitting 8 months, combined with our up-til-now laid back approach to restocking for Baby #2, has triggered a need to get all the things done ASAP.

So, let’s talk about the new micronursery we’ve been working on.

Five years ago, Dave and I built Bean’s micronursery out of a rudimentary enclosed porch off the rear of our apartment. Before: if you nailed anything into the wall, you’d either see the sun shining through the nail hole, or even better, our neighbors enjoying breakfast. After: a real floor, real walls, and what we convinced ourselves was good enough insulation for northern CA. We had to lay down a real floor, take out a built in “desk” aka a sheet of plywood with a thousand nails drilled into it (??), and install drywall. Or, Dave had to do all that while I patted my stomach.

I wanted to give Baby Bean a feminine, playful nursery that also wasn’t an explosion of pink/fuschia/purple. I also didn’t want it to read so babyish that she’d outgrow the color palette in a few years.

This is the nursery we eventually came up with. Greens, yellows, and coral/red, with natural textures and fabrics and lots of color.



Don’t you want to be a rascally little girl in that place? Oh hey! Bean agrees!

Five years later, I’m planning something completely different for Owen. Something more masculine and earthy but still modern. And, thanks to the micronursery’s tiny size, this has been really simple to do.




(Source list: Ikea PUDDA Baskets, Origami Paper Lantern by FiberLabs, Black and White Tree Fabric, Cactus Watercolor, Evergreen Tree Watercolor Print, Montessori Floor Bed by Michael Olaf, Oval Braided Rug by Green At Heart Rugs)


It just eases your mind looking at it. The only holdovers will be the wood floor bed and the origami hanging lamp. The walls were repainted (YES IT’S A DIFFERENT COLOR, this time Sherwin William’s Oyster White.) I love how this is also a yellow and green room, but the black, grey, and beige accents bring it all to a different place.

Are any of you putting together a micronursery these days? Isn’t it kind of fun?


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