Thursday Link Roundup: Snowy Times in San Francisco

Thursday December 22, 2016

I’m cutting out a day early here, for a day of baking and family Christmas magic.

If you haven’t yet been to the Stockton Street Winter Walk this year, GO GO GO. We went last night with Bean, and the little lady had the time of her life. She walked around for the first half hour in a state of shock and disbelief at all the wonders. She eventually settled down for bites of sushi burritos and chasing huge 2-ft bubbles with flocks of equally awestruck children, their manic giggles echoing up and down the street. It was a night of wonder and joy, brought down to San Francisco.

Off the Grid hosts food trucks there every night, starting at five. We also ate some fresh roasted chestnuts and Hungarian chimney cake, which was fantastic. Kids can also ride on electric 4-wheelers dressed up as festive animals, glowing neon, in addition to all the kittens and puppies and flying light whirligigs. Check it out!!

For those of you celebrating this week, have a wonderful holiday! Everyone, have a wonderful week! We’ll be back here on January 3rd for regularly scheduled programming.



From around the web:

Oldy but a goody: a photo record of all the times it’s snowed in San Francisco.

Remember last week the saga of Uber vs the DMV? The DMV won, and handily enough that the Uber autonomous cars are currently on flatbed trucks on their way to Arizona. Here’s a fleet of flatbed trucks on their way out of LA.

In the tradition of eating Chinese on Christmas Day, Eater put together a map of the best Chinese restaurants in San Francisco. Do you agree? No Kingdom of Dumplings?

You’ll want to check out the New York Times Year in Pictures for 2016. Heartbreaking years make for heartrending photos.

Is your home full of both broken down Amazon boxes AND tons of stuff you no longer need? Amazon’s Give Box Back program lets you fill Amazon boxes with donations and print out a free label to ship all of your things to Goodwill.

This Chicago subway performance will make you instantly happy. (Also made me realize how (appropriately) folky our street performers are!)

Speaking of instantly happy, are you watching The Great American Baking Show? Fellow Greek girl Nia Vardalos hosts, and it’s basically what would happen if normal people were allowed on reality TV. (Hint: everyone’s friendly! And seems like that nice person in HR who bakes the really awesome cookies.) It’s on ABC on Thursdays, and also all over Hulu.

Apartment Therapy has decided navy is the new black, and I’m on board. (Says the lady with the custom navy velvet sofa.) I might also need the navy leather pouf too.


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