Thursday Link Roundup: San Francisco’s National Geographic Travel Photography Winner and How to Watch ‘The Americans’

Thursday May 19, 2016

Dave and I are headed to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend, continuing our streak of only visiting ski towns in the Spring. I’m looking forward to one last shot of snow capped mountains before Summer takes over. And, of course, the hot chocolate.

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you back here on Monday. Maybe.


From around the web this week:

Know how we are all like, “LORDY, is San Francisco expensive” all the time. Well, there’s a sick pleasure in knowing it’s not all in our collective heads, and that NY is still somehow a cheaper option. (?!)

On a related note, this may be relevant to many of you: New York Magazine offers tips on how to live in a micro-apartment without going crazy. (Those of you who know me will laugh at the description of the type of person who can live in small apartments.)

If that’s all getting you down, the 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year is San Francisco’s own Toby Harriman. Click through for insane aerial photos that will remind you why SF is so magical/expensive. Also a good time to revisit his dreamy time lapse videos.

In hmph news, Cowgirl Creamery was bought by a Swiss dairy company.

Funny: How to Help Your Friend Who Recently Discovered The Americans

The Atlantic explores why/how young kids learn through movement and experiential learning, and how formal instruction hampers that. This is fascinating, and maybe especially for any Montessori parents out there.



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