A Simple, Rustic Christmas Chandelier

Tuesday December 6, 2016

If last year was the year of Origami Christmas, this year is turning out to be a nod to a simple, organic Christmas.

Out with the tinsel, in with repurposed, scattered tree parts.

We got our tree over the weekend, and a few branches had succumbed to our narrow apartment stairwell. Instead of tossing them, I first plopped them in a gathering on a picture rail. Then yesterday, transferred them to the chandelier. Simple. Perfect.






I added to it today, cutting off branches that are hidden at the back side of our tree. It turns out a tree is a wonderful source of pine branches. Sitting at the table, we look up to a hanging wreath. It’s quite pretty.

What else could I do with extra tree parts? A branch in a bud vase in the bathroom?  Maybe another on in the sink room window?

How is your holiday decorating coming along this year?

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