Friday Link Roundup: New York Holiday Window Displays and (unofficial) BART gets real

Friday December 2, 2016

How was everyone’s week? We just got back from Ikea, and let it be known that the holiday section, on December 2nd, had already been decimated. Well done, Bay Area.

We’re off to get our Christmas tree this weekend. Bean is pushing to get one from Tahoe, as part of her lumberjack Christmas dreams I suppose. We’re trying to persuade her that somewhere closer to home, say maybe the Inner Sunset, might be better. Have you all gotten your trees yet? What are your favorite SF Christmas tree lots?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


From around the web:

The Stockton Street Winter Walk is back!! Have you checked it out yet? Did you adopt a kitten?

These unofficial BART posters are pretty great. Seriously, Bay Area, why are these even necessary?

For David Talbot (“Season of the Witch”) fans: he’ll be writing a new column for the SF Chronicle.

Have you seen the New York department store holiday window displays yet? Jaw dropping. I think Bergdorff’s wins. (And here is a NY Times behind the scenes video.)

Apartment Therapy put together an awesome slideshow of 65 Scandinavian holiday DIY’s. I want to do all of them.

This INCREDIBLE photography of migrating humpback whales is guaranteed to relieve you of all stress for at least a half hour.

A dive into who runs Merriam Webster’s surprisingly witty and irreverant social media.


2 Responses to “Friday Link Roundup: New York Holiday Window Displays and (unofficial) BART gets real”

  1. We go to Ranch Sizemore Verde near Ano Nuevo. Great family outing. Even if you don’t get a tree


    12/2/2016 at 5:06 pm

  2. Thanks for the rec! What an awesome find!


    12/5/2016 at 1:50 pm