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Our Dairy, Egg, and Soy Free Thanksgiving: Toddler Edition

Monday November 23, 2015

When you have a kid with food intolerances and allergies, birthday parties and holidays become a tight rope walk. And that is even more so when we’re talking about Thanksgiving, a holiday centered around a huge feast. Practically none of which your kid can eat.

My first year working with Bean’s intolerances, I was breastfeeding and was only in charge of a meal for me. So, I made my favorite foods, tradition be damned, aka My Spicy Rice Cake Thanksgiving. Last year, Bean expected to eat something, and I wanted her to have a parallel Thanksgiving feast so I made her all the traditional sides and pies, minus the butter, cream, and eggs.

This year, Dave’s family and I have outsourced the cooking to professionals; we’re taking advantage of San Francisco’s dining scene and eating at an elegant restaurant. Oooooech, what to do about the toddler who can’t eat any of it?

Whip up and bring along a four-course Toddler Thanksgiving obviously.

The parallel Thanksgiving went well last year, but since we’re at a restaurant this year, I need to up my game and make food she’ll actually want to eat. Otherwise, I’ll have a bored toddler in a white-tablecloth restaurant. I’m being kind to her, ourselves, and all the other restaurant patrons by serving her dishes that are toddler-approved, enticing, easy to eat, and hopefully super delicious. Hence, toddler versions of Thanksgiving staples.

If you also have a toddler bouncing around your Thanksgiving table, these recipes could also work for you — veganized or not.

Here’s what’s on the menu for Bean this Thursday. It’s so mouthwatering, I’m hoping to sneak a few bites when she’s not looking.


Bread Course

My To-Die-For Veganish Honey and Sage Skillet Cornbread, baked in muffin tins — you can sub out the honey with agave syrup if you want to keep it vegan)

Kite Hill Vegan Brie, in slices



Pumpkin Ravioli made with Vegan Ravioli and Pumpkin Filling — replace eggs with Egg Replacer and butter with Earth Balance Soy-Free Butter Spread


Main Course

Spiced Cranberry Sauce — Cranberry Sauces are naturally vegan. I love the spices in this one.

Spinach Potato Bites — These look so tasty. replace milk with Rice Milk, leave out cheddar and slightly extra salt.

Chestnut Stuffing — I also made this last year; so delicious. Especially delicious as I’ll be eating the leftovers for days. Replace butter with olive oil.



Perfect Pumpkin Pie — replace eggs with Egg Replacer, replace whipping cream with canned coconut milk

Pie Crust — Smitten Kitchen has the best description of how to make a pie crust. Replace butter with shortening.


Don’t you kind of want a toddler Thanksgiving now too?


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